Carl Young

Carl Young 
For House of Representatives in District 32


Vision, Issues, & Values

I see a North Dakota where everyone is aware of the opportunities available to them. Where North Dakotan’s don’t have to fight for appropriate healthcare, whether it is mental healthcare or traditional, it should be up to the doctor and the patient what the appropriate care is, not the insurance company. My vision includes increasing the oil extraction levels to 8% flat. with a decrease by 50% if the per barrel cost is below 30 dollars a barrel. I would like to see appropriate use of the Legacy fund earnings, with the understanding of what the original intent of the fund is.  In addition I would like to build a stronger North Dakota response to pandemic situations where necessary and possible. I support our current  system of taxes, though I would like to investigate an alternative to property “special assessments”.

Healthcare. No one knows your health better than you and your doctor. Decision about your care shouldn’t be made by an insurance company.

Education We need to ensure that everyone has appropriate support as needed to obtain the education they are entitled to. In addition, we need to begin replacing the aging infrastructure that is the public school in communities across North Dakota. Rural North Dakota schools and the urban schools should all have access to funding to ensure their facilities are up to date, and current with the needs of all students.

Housing  People ought not fear that their home community will be bought out by a national investment group because of a “Opportunity Zone.” Limits need to be placed on how often and how high rents can be changed in a year. While this means interfering in business to an extent, it also means ensuring that people can stay in the homes that they purchased while paying a rent that is fair to the landlord and lease holder both. Protections need to be in place to prevent the corporation from evicting people during the most vulnerable months of the year.


A vote for the people.

About Carl

Carl and his wife of 26 years, Malette, have called North Dakota home all of their lives. For a period while Carl was in the US Army, he lived in other places, but ND was always “home”. 
They have raised five children and are now enjoying grandchildren.  
Carl has a background in business and looks forward to helping the people of North Dakota live their best life.  Having spent his formative years helping on the family farm near Baldwin, Carl understands firsthand what hard work is.  He also understands poverty, health issues, disability issues and mental healthy related issues.  For more than 10 years he has advocated for improved access to services and supports for those with disability or mental health related needs.  

Prior to moving to Bismarck in 2017, Carl and his family called Garrison ND home.  While in Garrison, they owned a small business that did information technology consulting for non-profits, while Malette was teaching in White Shield.

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